Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage is a treatment that has evolved from traditional techniques that has been practised in India, as part of a family ritual for thousands of years. It’s based on the ancient system of medicine Ayurveda. It has only recently started to gain popularity in the West.

Indian Head Massage has many health benefits both physically and emotionally. The aim of Indian Head Massage is to release tension in the muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. It can also help to relieve fatigue, insomnia, headaches and sinusitis. Indian Head Massage is a very calming and relaxing therapy which will leave you with increased energy and concentration.

Some of the benefits of Indian Head Massage are:

Promotes healthy hair growth. Massaging the scalp increases blood flow to the hair follicles which speed up the delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen and helps to eliminate toxins, in return stimulates hair growth.

Helps prevent migraine, headaches and back pain. Often tension in the mid back, neck and head can lead to headaches and migraines. Massaging these areas encourages circulation, aids the elimination of toxins, therefore helps to eliminate headaches and migraines.

Stimulates lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system removes waste products from the tissues. Increased lymphatic flow to head, neck and shoulders, help the body get rid of waste products. Therefore it can help to reduce oedema and stimulates immunity.

Relieves insomnia and fatigue – Indian Head Massage relieves tension and stress within the body by promoting relaxation. This brings deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing, which in return improves your sleep cycle.

Help to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Indian Head Massage helps to reduce anxiety as it  slows down the heart rate, deepens breathing and helps to reduce blood pressure.

Help to restore energy flow. Creates a feeling of balance and calm.

Indian Head Massage is a convenient form of treatment for clients who are seeking relief from stress and tension. There is no need to undress, it is applied sitting in chair, fully clothed.

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